Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GONE WEST #15-007

25 March 2015
T-shirt is from Spin, a hand me down from Manong; shorts from Gingersnaps (last seen here); shoes from Stride-Rite, a gift from Lola Tons and Lolo; bib and socks from Mothercare
I haven't been able to give Alo his morning bath this week and last.  That used to be our little routine together.  Since Monday, Alo has been clinging to my legs, and while we spent a few minutes together today and got to take pictures, we didn't have as long a time together as we used to.
Now this is all my fault, I know, and I swear I'm over this embarrassingly juvenile (not to mention belated) squeal-fest of mine.  The good news is I'm out of the clouds, and I've resolved to sleep earlier again (instead of browsing the internet like a madwoman), so I can, in turn, wake up earlier and spend time with my youngest son before rushing off to work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


24 March 2015
Alo at the Sunday get together with the Patajos.
He's wearing a t-shirt from Cotton On, camo shorts from Zara, bib and espadrilles from H&M 
He's eating a cracker.
(Alo is always eating!)
Those calves!  Pata!  Excuse me as I'm nanggigigil with my own kid.
With Lolo Joey.
Time to go home na daw so he can nap!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


22 March 2015

We were already looking forward to lunch with the Patajos because we heard it was make-your-own-pizza for lunch. Our excitement doubled when we saw this cutie pie as soon as we stepped into Tito Minggoy's house:
Silas was there!
Remember Laz and Alo's Cousin Silas who just recently got baptized?
Jacko also met the Patajos for the first time.
(With Cousin JR, one of Tita Lorna's sons).
We had to bring Jacko because we brought him to the vet that morning.
Made my own pizza
Laz had plain cheese pizza prepared by Luli.
(Hello, Aunt Chrissa!)
Those fat legsssssssss.
   Alo's Sunday OOTD here, teehee.
Silas and my boys - and their adorable Cousin Gabby!
Thank you Tito Minggoy and Tita Buds and the Lulipops for lunch and merienda!


22 March 2015
And so, our newest baby went to the vet this morning for some vaccines.

THIS is why I was hesitant about getting a dog this year - the gastos!  I would have wanted to wait one more year, when Alo doesn't have monthly vaccines anymore, because now, as it is, we'll be getting shots for TWO babies each month.  But since holding that other English bullie in Tiendesitas last month, and poring over OLX for photos of bullies and breeders, Pao has been obsessed with getting a pup.   Pao said he'll take care of it - and he did and he will.  I've always thought dogs were like people (from watching too many movies perhaps) and they are completely aware of their surroundings and the emotions of the people around them.  So now that Jacko is here, we of course have to give him the best possible care, and make sure he's happy and healthy.
The little masters didn't really hold Jacko's hand paw while the pup was getting his shots.
They were too engrossed with the fish the veterinarian kept.
The vet we found was referred to us by my mother-in-law - his clinic is somewhere in QC.
We went here because he opened for us on a Sunday, and Jacko was really due for a shot, but I think we'll look for somewhere nearer our place for next time.
The doctor getting Jacko's temperature.
(Um, yeah, slightly gross, I'm sorry).
(Alo's outfit details here)
In and out of the vet clinic.
Apparently they have vitamins and special treatments for itchy skin and fleas, eye drops, ointments, aaaah, we are getting schooled!  Pao has logged on and joined some English bulldog association of the Philippines.
(After the vet, we had lunch at the Lulipops' and headed to Ayala)