Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LINKED 10.14.14

1.  One of the stuff in my list is to write one kid's story a day, every day, for a year.  This artist, Lorraine Loots, did this amazing project called 365 Postcards for Ants where she drew an itty bitty postcard every day for a year.  All her paintings can be viewed here.

2.  You all know we're big Dallas Mavericks fans at home.  So I really enjoyed this Prediction for the 2014-2015 NBA Season - mostly because the writer ranked our beloved Mavs as 4th for the Western Conference.

3. I have loved Rinadesign for years, and was quite heartbroken when they pulled out their stalls.  At least you can still buy her stationary and post cards online (I also hoard book plates and bag tags for Laz).

4. I am no poet, and I don't really read poetry (except my Ninong Rofel's), but this poem by Pablo Neruda is hauntingly beautiful.

5. I stayed away from accessories for a while, but now I'm beginning to like very colorful, chunky necklaces like this Greta big bead necklace by Emily Green and cuffs like this beautiful Forest Horizon cuff by Mr. Kate.

6. Remember when we found that awesome quilt place in Pampanga?  I don't know if they're still there (the quilts I saw then were Php 14,000.00!) but I still really really want a quilt for the boys.   Online, I think this triangle-print quilt by Iviebaby is gorgeous.

7. This Arrangements Series by this photographer is amazing.

8. Have you guys seen Pink Manila's stuff?  Jusko, I follow them on Instagram and can't get over their cute stuff.  They have edgy pieces too, and update often.  Hindi ko pa nao-order whatever it is they showed last, at may bago nanaman!

Thursday, October 09, 2014


These little boys came to pick me up from work.
We were all crowding in my room (driver and yaya included).
Needless to say, I had to split at 6:30 on the dot - it was like working in a zoo!
But thanks for picking me up, babiess.  I always love it when you do.


The Halloween costumes Laz has worn throughout the years, in reverse order:
2013 - Race Car Driver
Though his Ninang Bles said it's more pit crew than driver.  The costume is from Lola Lorna.  Laz wore it for trick-or-treating in school.
2012 - Triceratops
Of all the costumes he's worn since 2013, I think this one is Laz's favorite.  He LOVED this, the dinosaur nut that he is.
Laz wore it to go trick-or-treating in Ayala, with Ninong Jino, Tita Reigny, and Reese, and Lolo Joey.
We got this kingdom from Toy Kingdom in Shang.
2011 - Shaolin
Laz wore this for the Halloween party in Ayala, then a year after in 2012, he wore it again for trick-or-treating with his school.
Pao and I bought the outfit, and the matching hat, in one of those stalls in the Victoria Peak station in HK.
2010 - Samurai
The sword and the goody bag were on loan from Kuya Rapha.  This costume was a pasalubong from Japan, from Lola.
Laz wore it for trick-or-treating in Filinvest and again for the Halloween party with the Patajos.
2009 - Vampire
This was Laz's first Halloween.  
Last minute, we decided to get him a costume (from the toy store again) to wear to the Halloween party in Ayala.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


More photos from our kasambay teambuilding last weekend:
Manong spent much of his time in the pools.
Alo swam most of the time too, except for when it was time to nap.
He actually fell asleep in the pool, in Paolo's arms.
Casa Ibiza is not half bad.