Saturday, December 13, 2014


13 December 2014
Look at him go
Today was Alo's first time to try Gymboree.  The way I viewed Gymboree when Laz was a kid was that he needed it for socialization.  Oh, I know the place is great for stimulation as well, but it was being exposed to other kids that was more important for us then, Laz being the only kid in the household at the time.  With Alo, I'm not as paranoid about socialization because Alo has a big brother.  But I've forgotten until this visit how places like these are so great for stimulating little kids. 
Alo had a great time exploring the place.  My kid's a crawler.
You turn your head for a split second, and there he is at the other end of the room.
Despite all the contraptions over there, what Alo loved best were all the balls.
And uh yeah, he's trying to bite the grubby ball.  I've never been one to panic about dirt. (Do you see how robust both my kids are?  I think it's because Pao and I aren't finicky hehe).


13 December 2014 
Laz, eating some sort of fried chicken on a stick from Yakitori One.
The gloves were for the buffalo wings from Frankie's that the rest of us ate, but my silly billy insisted on using one.
Today is the biggest challenge to date for our picky eater.  Pao has laid down the law.  The ultimatum of all ultimatums.  Laz is not allowed to use the iPad or play with his toys the next day if he doesn't eat the day before.  And this means trying new food, or actually finishing food he has tried (nibbled at) before but never bothered to really eat.   I got so stressed at first because they were out of mac and cheese in Chubby's (in Megamall D's food court - again! - anu pa ba! I was craving Frankie's), and poor Laz had not eaten breakfast.  The kid was starving.  We spotted the chicken on a stick thing from Yakitori One (I forgot what it's called), and Laz made a real effort to eat.  I am so proud of him.
Valiantly trying to get through his chicken, hehe.
We made sure to send Dada a picture (Pao was at his company party).

Friday, December 12, 2014

THE WEEK THAT WAS 12.08-12.14

08-12 December 2014
Monday - 08 December 2014 - Typhoon Ruby had the office sending us home, as with the rest of the country it seems (except for Pao's office!  They got sent home at 4:00 pm).  I was already at work when my firm announced that we could go home and work from there.  So Laz came to pick me up.  Here he is posing at the Christmas display in the lobby of our building.
Laz is carrying my lunch box, by the way.
That kid is such a gentleman.
Anyhoo, we passed by White Plains on our way home to get some plants.
I got 2 new cacti (no doubt inspired by the fact that my old collection has so far survived) and that red Christmas plant.
I forgot what they're called, but I just call them Christmas plants.  

I got the pot from the same store along White Plains too (RR Plants I think).
The Christmas egg is old, old, old.  I bought it from a bazaar a trillion years ago.  It's hand painted.  It's a pair - the other one has a Santa print - and I'm very fond of them.
Monday evening - As I shared, we got to watch Dada on TV that night.
Wednesday - 10 December 2014 - In Tipsy Pig after work, but we were out before 12! Ha, lolaloopsy!
Thursday - 11 December 2014 - Laz has been really busy with my team for my firm's Christmas competition.  Here he is with Tito Ryan in the background.
Thursday - 11 December 2014 - Solemn Alo with Tita V and Tita Loy.
He brought Manong to the office, then Alo went home to sleep.
Thursday evening - Manong playing in this little Christmas playhouse (the 2nd rehearsal for my Christmas team - Team Cancer-Virgo-Capricon, yo!  Teehee.
The kid's been very patient about hanging out with me at the office and for Team CVC stuff.
The next day, Friday, he hung out in the office (quietly, too) before his hearing test!


12 December 2014

The last item on the extensive checklist for Laz's 1st grade requirements is a hearing test.  Our own pedia and the other pedia we went to didn't do hearing tests.  (Also, they didn't have that thing for kids for measuring blood pressure).  His new grade school has required the submission of test results for CBC, urinalysis, stool, x-ray and yes, a durn burn hearing test.  We need all that for enrollment next week.  So imagine my relief when I discovered, hellllloooo, there is apparently an American Hearing Center in the basement (lower ground floor!) of Podium!  Whattabigfrigginrelief.
In case you need a hearing test done for your kid, the American Hearing Center accomodates children as long as they can follow directions.  It's only Php 350.00 and they give you the print out of the results right after the test.

Left: Manong came to my office in the afternoon.  We set up a little corner in my room with his matt and his pillow.  It was like having a puppy in there, but he loved it.  Then at around 6:30, we headed to Podium.
Right: They made him sit inside a booth.  The test only lasted for about 20 minutes.
First they peeked inside Manong's ears.
Then they put earphones on him and conducted tests, per ear.
He's supposed to raise his hand when he hears something.

The staff was very professional, and so helpful.  They even signed the medical record form for Laz's school - at least for the hearing test part.  (Laz's hearing by the way is completely normal for both ears).

So in case you need a hearing test for your kid, the branches and contact information for American Hearing Center is here!