Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hallo there!  We are all packed and prepped - we ride out early tomorrow morning for... drum roll, please... Alo's first vacation!  Technically his first out of town trip was in Tagaytay, but this is his first holiday outside Manila - to San Fernando, La Union, to be exact!   We aren't too confident about having him swim in the pool or the beach, but we're hoping he'll nevertheless enjoy the sights and sounds.  Manong Laz is all pumped to go swimming, and Pao and I are just really excited and grateful for the chance to get away with the kids this Holy Week.  I packed an activity bag for Laz for the car trip, and we're fervently hoping Alo will be weather it all - even with the new highway, it will still be the longest car ride we've ever taken with Twooey.   A hyper 5 year old and a 3 month old in the car - eeek, wish us luck!   

Image from here

I hope you guys enjoy the Holy Week break!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Another year, another summer with Futbol Funatics.

10 April 2014 
Day 1 of 10
Laz thoroughly enjoyed football last summer with Futbol Funatics.
(I really highly recommend their football program for younger kids and toddlers).
They weren't having sessions in Philam this year, so we opted for the Meralco venue instead.
Laz is back with the Beckham Buddies.
Everything from last year still fits - except for the tube socks!
Thank goodness for Bootcamp, hehe.

Part of what made this summer's football camp more fun is that Laz has friends there, hehe!
Here he is with Kuya Mio, Ate Ia, and Xav - other GSE kids!  Hurray!
But wait!  Laz wasn't the only Little Potato on the field that day.
Our Bunso came to watch his Manong play!
Alo was soooo entertained.
He didn't sleep the entire hour we were there and was just gawking at everything and everyone.
Top L-R:  Laz as keeper; and on the field
Bottom L-R: Twooey chatting with Tito Earl (with Jeff giggling in the background); Laz looking mournful after getting his stamps after scrimmage (he was just tired).
Laz likes to volunteer for goalkeeper when he's tired - I know my son.
I keep encouraging him to play field.  I worry about Laz sticking to being keep because he's young and he's a beginner - I don't want him to think this position is a fallback position for when he wants a break or a breather.  And he's missing precious field time where he can learn dribbling and ball control and such.  When he's older and better, go for goalie, but in the meantime, sweat it out on the field, boy!!!
(Sorry.  Such a stage mom, I know).
I swear, Alo was so engrossed.
I think we have another future football player here (yay).
(That's our house girl Lyn Lyn, by the way, with Alo, as today is their day to visit their Lulipops as well).

15 April 2014
Day 2 of 10
That's Laz on the left, and his friend Xav walking towards him on the right.
Action shots!
(Laz got tired faster today and, at one point during scrimmage, wasn't running around as much any more.  Some kids were all just go-go-go.  So much energy.  And I thought my eldest was hyperactive.  Hindi pala!  At least, compared to some other kids.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


12 April 2014

Alo's "French-y" outfit (dubbed by KAQ) from his Ninang KQ and Tita Monina!
Twooey OOTD: navy and white striped tee, and jeans from Mothercare, both from KAQ and MML; beige sneakers from FOX Clothing
Alo in matching navy with his Dada.
Saturday lunch out in - where else - Shang!  
Of course Manong was there too.
(Overjoyed with his cheese pizza.  He gobbled up more than half - so happy!)
L-R: Alo with Yaya Nida; Dada trying to imitate Bunso; Mamu and Manong

Pao bought an exercise bike.   I think more for me than for him.  
(The glorious post-pregnancy weight loss has ceased.   I am rebounding!  Stomach = scareeeeeeeee).

Monday, March 31, 2014

MARCH 2014

- Tagaytay, Cavite (2x!)
- Sta. Rosa, Cavite

- my Samantha Dy's bachelorette @ Discovery Suites
- Andres' baptism reception @ Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo
- GSE birthday-despedida dinner @ RGG's house
- Jon and Karen's wedding reception @ Balai Kalinao in UP Diliman
- Antonio Joaquin's (WAFER!!!) baptism ceremony and reception @ Santuario de San Jose and North Park
- my Samantha Dy and Basti's beautiful wedding reception @ Antonio's in Tagaytay

- Moving Up Day

- We enrolled Laz for SY 2014-2015 in kindergarten at his new school
- Alo went on his first out-of-town trip (well, ride) - to Tagaytay
- Booked the church for Alo's baptism at last!
- Started my Twooey OOTD series in the blog, teehee

- Pao went out with his batchmates
- my Samantha Dy, Mon, Love, Marge, Buns, Ri, Ina, Kat D., and Maj
- Loy, Dante, Pepi, Xav, and Andres, Che, Mike, Marga and Martina, Toby and Tess, RGG and Becky, FNS, PCS, Maxine and Alexi, Gem, Mia, Ry, Maia and Juan
- Teng!
- the Patajo-Kapunan-Legasto cousins
- Pao's Angeles side
- Jfer, B., and Wafer, Jan, Ting, and Yago, RMM, JML and Gerbear, VCR, and Kuya

- None this month.  Still. Not. Giving. UP!

- The Blackboard in Podium
- Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant in Shangri-la Plaza Mall
- Madison's Bistro Moderne in Edsa Shang Hotel

High Point of the Month:  I went back to work in the firm!
Low Point of the Month:  Tooth extraction, hahaha!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


23 March 2014

Laz with his cousin Gabby, his constant playmate when we join the Patajos for Sunday lunch.
Speaking of cousins, the Patajos are into doing zumba together every Sunday now.
(Laz OOTD: tee from Cotton On Kids, shorts from Uniqlo, Kobe sneakers from Nike)

Friday, March 14, 2014


14 March 2014

My petunia pickle b's watching a video before heading off to the park.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


13 March 2014

OOTD for their visit to Luli's house.
Laz: tee from Big and Small Co., denim shorts from Snoopy in SM; shoes from Stride-Rite
Alo: Onesie from Bug and Kelly (a gift from Luli); khaki shorts from Gingersnaps; sneakers from Nao do Brasil

Laz and Alo had quite a full day.  They went to visit their grandparents in QC then, after a full day of fun and games with Luli, went to pick me up at the office.  It was the first time my officemates got to meet Alo in person, so there are quite a lot of pictures in IG (which I naturally grabbed - thank you, all!).   Alo was especially taken with his Ninang KQ - I have never heard the kiddo laugh and gurgle and chatter so much.  That KQ is a baby whisperer, I swear!

Brothers Grinn hamming it up in GSE, heehee
Happy Alo chatting with Ninang!
Alo with FNS, AGM, GVC, VCR and his Ninang KAQ!
Thank you for the pictures, Kayks!
Laz discovered  Olaf a.k.a. as Tito Chibu (a favorite of his') in Tita Nicka's cubby!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


11 March 2014

Our Alo was up bright and early again today.
Then again, he always wakes up early.
But!  The good news is that he is finally sleeping better through the night.
He wakes up once to be fed and goes right back to sleep.
Pretty soon - hopefully - he'll sleep through the night!
Intently watching the developmental DVDs Lolo Jolan sent over.
He's using the chair that Manong Laz got from his Ninang Jabo and Tita Luzan.
That rocker has really served us well!  (Thank you, Team Valero!).
Though Alo likes it even more than Laz ever did, I must say!
Compare our Little Buddha then to our Little Buddha now.  Heehee.
It's JPP Jr. alright!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy Monday!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.  My family and I did - we visited the new building in Megamall again (Philosophy! Make Up Forever!  Nao Do Brasil! And little booths like RuME and Piesa) last Saturday and went to Tagaytay yesterday.  And now I am back to preparing advanced blog posts in prep for the busy work week ahead, teehee.

I assembled these photos months ago when I was on maternity leave, but still wanted to share one of my not-so-recent fashion blog discoveries - What Helen Wore Today.   Helen is definitely currently one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  I LOVE her quirky style - and her penchant for kooky headgear!  She has beautiful things (a good mix of vintage and current pieces), and she always looks like she's having fun with with her style.  She has updated her blog since I compiled these pictures, so be sure to visit and check out her newer outfit posts.

Image source: 1| 2| 3

Image source: 1| 2| 3

Image source: 1| 2| 3

Image source: 1| 2| 3

Image source: 1| 2| 3

I actually first discovered Helen's blog when I was googling that Clare Vivier small duffle. 
I am so lemming for a monogrammed Clare Vivier duffle!!
And now, because of Helen, I think I want those white Birkenstock slides too, ack!
I like how she pairs them with statement tees/sweatshirts and flouncy skirts.
Magaya nga!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


09 March 2014

This is what Alo wore for his first out-of-town jaunt evah:
Guitar-print onesie from Googoo and Gaga; jeans from Mothercare, a gift from Ninang KQ and Tita Monina; sneakers from Nao do Brasil

We went to Breakfast at Antonio's for brunch with my folks, sister and Bugsy.
Quite a muggy day in Tagaytay, but we enjoyed our morning away from Manila.

Bunso slept through it all though!

Breakfast at Antonio's, Tagaytay