Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We went to Arneo today.  (Early, in fact, before both Pao and I headed to work).  First off, parking was a pain in the pwet.  You apparently need a sticker to be able to park anywhere remotely near the gym or the grade school.  Pao and I ended up parking in that lot beside the Comm Dept, near Manang's and the covered courts.  And we hoofed it to the grade school.  (Mainit.  That I used to do this when I was in college is something I have conveniently forgotten).

Anyhoo, we were actually brimming over with excitement.  To prepare for you son's enrollment for grade school is already exciting enough in itself - even more so if you're hoping to enroll him in your and your spouse's alma mater.  My usual anxiety gave way to the excitement, I must say.

These were the requirements:

1] Application Form, with attached colored 1x1 ID picture with name tag.

2] Original NSO-certified birth certificate, and 1 photocopy of the same.

3] Recommendation Letter from the current school, in a sealed envelope.

4] Certificate of Enrollment from the current school, in a sealed envelope.

5] Grades from the previous school, and 1 photocopy of the same.  (I gave everything I got from Laz's old kindergarten - certificate of moral character, grades, numerical equivalent of grades, everything!).

The forms are available online or in the Registrar's Office in the grade school itself.  You submit the requirements, pay Php 600, and they'll give you a schedule for the exam.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Paopao and Papa Mao

Impromptu date night with my Buppy.  In a sliiiight fit of panic, I also ran around Eastwood buying those loose printed pants for our firm trip to Yogjakarta.  A bit hippie-ish and backpacker for my taste, but I heard we'll be climbing temples, ruins, and that it's gonna be hooooooooot.

Komrad, Eastwood Mall


12 August 2014

Today I finally completed all of the requirements for Laz's application to grade school.  I will make no secrets about where he's applying - in case the blog name hasn't given it away, I think I've yakked enough about bleeding blue in my family.

As soon as Laz graduated from Cycle 2 in his old school early this year, I bugged his teacher relentlessly for copies of his school records - recommendation letter, grades, certificates, everything.  Even before he started in his current school, I was actually starting to collect whatever documentation we may need for the next school's application.   Kept checking the school's website too.  When they finally posted that the application forms were available, Pao and I naturally scrambled to get everything Laz would need to apply.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Pao's former boss in Vista invited us to her son Joaquin's 4th birthday.

Since Pao is still close to his old officemates, we were happy to accept the invitation.  We swung by the Fully Booked in Katipunan to get Joaquin this Eric Carle book - I love Eric Carle! (I know, I know, I am the type of parent who likes to give books, even though I know kids probably prefer toys.  I am hoping books are more timeless and will stay with the kid longer as he or she gets older)

In case you couldn't tell - the theme was superheroes, teehee
Our Alo was there.  More than the magic show, he enjoyed reaching for and swatting at the balloons.
Laz with Alo's Ninong Omar, whom Laz is trying to claim as his own
Laz got an Ironman "tattoo" on his hand
Our Mr. Bibo participated in all, and I mean ALL, the games.
(I have a video here).
After the games, I took Laz to the activity area.
(My goodness, I was wiped out.  But the kid had so much fun).
Joaquin with his mama!

Happy 4th birthday, Joaquin!
Thank you for having us!


10 August 2014

We celebrated Lola Betty's birthday today with Pao's Angeles side.

Lola Betty is the last grandparent for both Pao and I.  She's my MIL's mother.  We all met up for lunch in Tito Roland's restaurant, Trattoria Paggio Antico.  I know, the name is quite the mouthful, but the food is great.  Mommy's sisters, and their own families, all came to celebrate Lola Betty's birthday.  The lunch get together was also to welcome Pao's cousin Abbie who came home for a visit (with her husband Josh).

Pao and I loved the seafood risotto. 
Lola Betty with her grandsons (she actually has a LOT of grandsons, hehe)
Tita Betty now with the Joey Patajos!  Missing Reese!

Saturday, August 09, 2014


09 August 2014
It's here!

Alo's passport arrived this morning!  I was very surprised, actually, since it's a Saturday.  As expected, he looks very grumpy in his passport picture (and also very stout, teehee).  Pao and I are very excited about all this.  Now I just need to get him a cute passport cover!

P.S.  We skipped jiu-jitsu today, because Pao had to go to work, and I didn't feel like driving.  Also, I have to admit, I am kind of dreading going to jiu-jitsu right now, because of the whole Junior Grapplers melodrama I was yakking about before.  Yes, this is the first weekend we've missed since we started jiu-jitsu, and I feel bad that I didn't mind at all.  I kind of want to tap the oldest kid there and remind him that Laz is just 5 years old, after all.  (Although, when Pao called Kevin to cancel, Kevin said the other kids were looking for Laz). Eeeeeh.  Don't get me wrong - we still plan to full pursue Laz's jiu-jitsu (especially since the kid obviously loves it) - so we'll be there next weekend, for sure.