Monday, October 27, 2014


The start of my new smallware collection.

In the first place, it took me forever to figure out what design or aesthetic I liked.  Dainty floral-print English-style?  Or earthy handmade pottery like what my mother collects?  Clean, minimalist?

I found beautiful white handmade plates by Lanelle Abueva in Crescent Moon during our last visit.  The edges were in a sort of raw fish print.  They didn't look like fish at all exactly, but I thought they were beautiful.  Based on photos I've bookmarked or table settings I'm drawn to, aside from the floral prints in the picture above, I apparently also like "organic minimalism" (a term I picked up online).  It's the stark opposite of dainty tea-set types for sure, but I think getting those Lanelle plates would be a start.  I don't want anything too exotic, too dark, and I'm not inclined to get Asian-themed.  I'd like pottery, but preferably in white or light colors.  (Good luck to us, Pao!)

As a guide, I like to refer to Kinfolk (here and here), this Pinterest board, and this and this article with photos of table settings I like.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Day 2 of no jiu-jitsu again this weekend.  Laz didn't insist on going either (he's usually the one bugging us to get off our butts and drive to Makati for GJJ).  And the only times we miss jiu-jitsu for the whole weekend is when we're out of town. I think it's because Laz got his stripe recently.  We let him have a break this weekend.  We know Laz loves jiu-jitsu, and we don't want to push him to go; he'll come around when he's ready again.

We went to Glorietta with my folks and sister instead.  
I can't remember the last time we were in Glorietta.  It's not our usual mall.
 Laz had a Halloween cookie.  
(From the Dolce: A Desserts and Beverage Bazaar in Glorietta 5).
 Alo fit some Toms.
The kid needs new shoes.  The only thing that fits him now are a pair of Attipas.
And those Attipas are not the pair I shared in September ha!  All those shoes in that post don't fit Alo anymore.  He's not sprouting, he is shooting up.
As for the Toms, Pao likes the new style - the grey one with the colorful checks.
I prefer the old style - the beige one with the orange-y soles, though I see tons of kids wearing those now. 

These stones are for your gardens.
From Papemelroti.  
The huge ones below the God Is Love stones say "Imagine" and "Explore".
Cute.  I like the Explore step.  My mother is going to give us her garden.  So I imagine next year you'll be hearing about garden decors and gardening attempts from the Potatoes.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

OCTOBER 23, 2014

October 23 this year turned out to be a big day for us.  Pao calls today D-Day for 2 reasons:

#1 - Laz's Test Results

The test results for 1st Grade came out today!  Online, I might add (parang bar exam lang!).  And Laz passed the grade school entrance exam!!!  We found out around 6:30 am.  To say that we were overjoyed is an understatement.   As they say, Ateneo is more than just a school. Teehee.  It's going to be such a long journey for Laz, and a fantastic one for sure, and we are so happy for him.   

 Laz, at 8 months old, attending the Ateneo Sesquicentennial (150 years!) with my mother, who was VP for Academic Affairs for the college at the time.
That's Sabina holding Laz by the way, his first yaya.

If Laz makes it all the way until the university, he's going to be true blue, just like his lolo, my dad.  (My brother would've been true blue too but we went to Belgium for grade school.  Pao on the other hand, together with his whole barkada whom we all call my kids' godfathers eek, got kicked out of the high school for beating up someone.  Feeling gansta kasi!).

#2 - My Test Results

Last Tuesday I had a bunch of tests done - blood, urinalysis, chest x-rays, thyroid.  The works.  My weight loss has become alarming.  I quit dieting last June but my weight continued to dip.  I was always tired and sleepy.  And I would shake like crazy.  Heat intolerance, palpitations.   I used to attribute the shaking to the weight loss, but we finally got worried.   My father in law this morning checked my test results (Jeff picked them up yesterday).  Dad is an endocrinologist. 

Turns out I have hyper thyroid.  Basically, according to Dad, it means all your internal systems are in overdrive.  Literally hyper.  Ergo hyper metabolism which explains the crazy weight loss.  I have to take medications, get an ultrasound for my neck to check if there's a tumor or nodule or whatever.  Yes, Dad found a bump on my neck.  Pao and I never noticed it before but true enough, there it was.  I have to get it treated of course, because hyper thyroidism (?) can lead to all sorts of complications, apparently.  And once you have it, you have it for life.  Just like psoriasis.  Mannnnn.  

So this day was half and half.  Good and bad news.  Though like Pao points out, thank goodness it's just hyper thyroid, and not anything untreatable or the big c or anything.  So I guess overall we're thankful for this day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LINKED 10.14.14

1.  One of the stuff in my list is to write one kid's story a day, every day, for a year.  This artist, Lorraine Loots, did this amazing project called 365 Postcards for Ants where she drew an itty bitty postcard every day for a year.  All her paintings can be viewed here.

2.  You all know we're big Dallas Mavericks fans at home.  So I really enjoyed this Prediction for the 2014-2015 NBA Season - mostly because the writer ranked our beloved Mavs as 4th for the Western Conference.

3. I have loved Rinadesign for years, and was quite heartbroken when they pulled out their stalls.  At least you can still buy her stationary and post cards online (I also hoard book plates and bag tags for Laz).

4. I am no poet, and I don't really read poetry (except my Ninong Rofel's), but this poem by Pablo Neruda is hauntingly beautiful.

5. I stayed away from accessories for a while, but now I'm beginning to like very colorful, chunky necklaces like this Greta big bead necklace by Emily Green and cuffs like this beautiful Forest Horizon cuff by Mr. Kate.

6. Remember when we found that awesome quilt place in Pampanga?  I don't know if they're still there (the quilts I saw then were Php 14,000.00!) but I still really really want a quilt for the boys.   Online, I think this triangle-print quilt by Iviebaby is gorgeous.

7. This Arrangements Series by this photographer is amazing.

8. Have you guys seen Pink Manila's stuff?  Jusko, I follow them on Instagram and can't get over their cute stuff.  They have edgy pieces too, and update often.  Hindi ko pa nao-order whatever it is they showed last, at may bago nanaman!