Saturday, July 19, 2014


How did you guys fare during Glenda?  We had no electricity all day Wednesday back East (until Thursday).  As you know, even work was suspended Wednesday.  Laz had no school all week.  Prayed for the families affected.  The winds were fierce but, as everyone else in Manila knows by now, it abated Wednesday around lunch time.

It was the brown outs that everyone else had to deal with.  I am not complaining, considering what happened to other families in other provinces.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to High Street.  We were hoping there'd be electricity when we got home but alas.  There wasn't.  As with a many families in our area, we ended up checking in.  There were lines of cars with families in front of the various inns and motels, yes motels, we checked out in the area.  It's especially hard, dealing with black outs, if you have a 6-month old baby.

But all's well that ends well.  Electricity's up and running, and everything's back to normal.

I hope everyone else is okay.

Wednesday - 16 July 2014:
In Pancake House (in High Street) with my brood, happy to be out after the typhoon hit that morning.
Alo eating ice cream! (He actually didn't like it much).

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Mi and Ry's Don Juan the adorable is 2 years old!

We headed straight to Juan's birthday party (in Outback Restaurant, Libis!) after jiu-jitsu!  

Family picture!
My sons with Alo's Ninangs KQ and Mia, Tita Ceia, Tita M, and Tito Arman!
Ninong Gem, Ninong Jfer and Tita Bambi were there too.
And we got to touch base with Team Santos - Ninang Neva, Tito Dan, Pareng David, and Little N!
Jingle the balloon lady.
I can no longer count the number of times I've seen her perform in kiddie parties.
See Pareng David joining the party games?
Plus there's the birthday boy wandering around.
Alo and his kinakapatid Wafer, on Ninong Gem and Tita Mel, who is almost 37 weeks preggy!

 Funny Laz didn't want to join the games first (said he had a headache).
But he couldn't resist, what with that competitive nature of his'!

Thank you, MLA and Ry!  We had such a great time!


 13 July 2014
Alo watching his Manong practicing jiu-jitsu with his sensei Kevin!

We missed Jiu-Jitsu Saturday because of household stressssssss!!!  Anyhoo, we texted Laz's sensei and he called us for a 30-minute one-on-one session with Laz today, in lieu of Saturday.  We had lunch first at Sophie's Mom, then, as usual, my entire brood came to watch Laz practice GJJ.

That's the belt and GJJ bullyproof tee we got him.
Kevin had to keep re-adjusting the belt; kept falling off.
Alo, intently watching his Manong as usual.
(P.S. Look at those toes!  All sprawled out hahaha).
Those toes again, teehee.
And off they go


13 July 2014

Photographs that Laz took during lunch at Sophie's Mom:



13 July 2014
Lunch before jiu-jitsu at Sophie's Mom!

We passed by Fort Bonifacio (I can't get around to calling it BGC!!!) to get to Laz's jiu-jitsu class.  I've always liked the row of restaurants along Upper McKinley Road.  I actually had a hard time choosing, but we were parked right in front of Sophie's Mom, and the place was too cute to pass up.

Cute interiors (although it kind of makes me think of Easter).  I especially like that chandelier.
My weekend essentials
Colorful prints
Manong Laz heading up to the 2nd floor
It's small upstairs, and hard to maneuver if you have a stroller, so take note!
View from the 2nd floor
I really really love that blue ceramic water urn. and the distressed cabinet with the wire drawers --  and the pink pails!  Love everything!
(Upper left picture by Laz!)
It's all in the details
Photo by Laz
Top row: see the chubby fingers? (Laz's grilled cheese sandwich); sarap ng iced tea nila!
Bottom row: Pao's chicken; Yaya Mich's lasagne.

Overall?  Food is all right, though Pao didn't like his chicken.  
Inexpensive too, but service took awhile, which was weird, considering the place was so small and there was only 1 other family there aside from us.
Recently I have been ordering spaghetti EVERYWHERE.
I think it's because I miss carbs, haha.
Oddly, even though I think this is supposed to be a cake place, the cake was very, very dry.
But Manong enjoyed it!  (And he usually doesn't eat chocolate cake, that picky eater of mine).
Lazlo approves
Great photo by Laz of the cake!
Details! (Plus Mich, our new housegirl).
Off we go to jiu-jitsu.
Simple food, but we enjoyed our lunch, mostly because of the ambiance! 

Sophie's Mom, McKinley Hill, Taguig

Saturday, July 12, 2014


12 July 2014

I fell off my chair when I saw our water bill from Manila Water. 5700! Five freaking thousand pesos. Aaaaahhh! Usually our water bill is 800 something. The one time we hit over a thousand - 1200 - I clamped down and made everyone go through water conservation measures. And now this! AaaaaaaaaaAAAH!

Well, turns out there's a leak - my dad got a plumber to find the busted pipe. Which means they had to shut down the water and dig everywhere to uncover the pipes. We missed jiu-jitsu. Worse of all: the plumber couldn't find the leak. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!