Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Happy Eid ul Fitr from Team Patajo!
(I apologize if I spelled it wrong.  There were various spellings online, I couldn't figure out which was the right one)

Mid-week 1-day holidays are odd.  I said that before and I'll say it again.  But!  I'll take it!  My family and I spent this Muslim holiday in Tagaytay.  We haven't been out of the town for what seems like forever, and I needed to stock up on Ilog Maria soap for my kati-kati!  So off we went!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


27 July 2014
Andre, Tita Lorna and Chrissa - who won this year's challenge!

Every once in awhile the Patajos-Kapunans-Legastos hold a biggest loser contest.  This year, the LMP (Lino M. Patajo, Pao's grandfather and their patriarch) Biggest Loser 2014 Challenge had Andre as commissioner.  Everyone was weighed in a few months ago and today, all the participants were weighed in again.  

Commissioner Andre reading out the results!

Andre computed the weight loss using this formula:

Starting Weight (SW) - New Weight (NW) = x
x divided by SW = y
y x 100 = % of weight loss

Pao, Aisa (2nd place and birthday girl), Andre, Ta, Marko (3rd place) and Chrissa!

Meanwhile, in other news (but still in the Minggoy Patajo household), cousins Alo and Enzo (Karlo's son, and Pao's godson) were getting acquianted:

Batchmates.  Enzo is 6 months older than Twooey.
Manong Laz was playing with Lucas and Gabbie.


27 July 2014

Alo the loyal has been attending almost all of his Manong Laz's jiu-jitsu sessions.  Out of 7 sessions, he's only missed 1 weekend (when he was sick).   I haven't really been obsessing about his outfits recently, because I'm shopping and hoarding for his 12-18 months wardrobe (haha, pagbigyan niyo na).  Except for those printed Cotton On joggers and some pique shirts from Mothercare, most of what Alo wears are gifts.  (Though we bought all his shoes).  But here are some of my favorite Twooey OOTDs for Jiu-Jitsu Saturdays (or Sundays):

27 July 2014:
Hey cutie!  He's starting to look like his Manong, isn't he?
(This was jiu-jitsu earlier, when they told Laz they'll have him try the Junior Grapplers class next week, and when Laz did his first Bully Battle, which is a sort of test.)
Twooey OOTD: Pique shirt is from Mothercare, a gift from JAR, Cel and the kids; short from Gingersnaps; sneaker-sandals from Stride-Rite
He's completely engrossed, watching his Manong doing jiu-jitsu.
I bet he'll take up this sport too when he's bigger.  (We'll wait until Alo is 5 though).
One more time!

Two more of my favorite "looks" for Twooey after the break, haha:


27 July 2014
Jiu-jitsu with Kevin and Ia!

Today turned out to be quite a big day for Laz in jiu-jitsu.  He was the only kid to show up so he had a one-on-one session again.  At the end of the session, his senseis made him go through a Bully Battle, where they basically review all the moves they taught him.  The reason?  They're thinking of moving Lazlo up from the Little Champs to the Junior Grapplers, with is an older age bracket.  Kevin said they are very impressed with Laz, on how he picked up so many moves even though it's only been 7 sessions.  We are proud of course - the kid has always had an excellent memory.

Kevin said we are to try Laz for the Junior Grapplers next week.  If he doesn't like it, or if they think it's too advanced for him, they'll take him back to Little Champs.  Either way is fine with me.  The bottom line is that our son really enjoys jiu-jitsu - and I'm glad!

Of course Laz came with his fan club - Alo, Pao, Yaya Nida and I!
(I also compiled Alo's OOTDs during jiu-jitsu here,  including today's outfit, teehee!)
Here is our newly bungi athlete smiling during one of his waterbreaks.

 More about today's session after the break!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The boys having pizza after Alo's passport appointment.

Finally, the day has come: Alo's passport appointment!  To say that I've been stressing about it is an understatement.  Most of the stress came from getting Yaya's passport requirements together.  We're not traveling with Yaya this year, but we do intend to travel with her next year.  Also, I figure I could use the extra hands while in DFA, truth be told, hehe.

For Alo (who is 6 months old), the requirements were pretty simple:

1) his NSO-certified birth certificate
2) my NSO-certified marriage certificate
3) my Philippine passport.

And for good measure, I even prepared an Affidavit of Support and Consent, and an Affidavit of Explanation, to explain why he's not in school.  In case anyone is wondering, the DFA did not ask for said two affidavits.  But I wanted to be prepared.  I also photocopied two (2) extra copies of the original documents enumerated above, including the affidavits and the Appointment Form which I printed (I made the appointment online).

I set our appointment for 3:30 p.m., one of the last, if not last, slots for appointments, upon the advice of my friends who also applied for passports for their infants/toddlers.  I chose Megamall, on a Saturday.  We were there not just 30 minutes before but a whole 1.5 hours before our appointment.  We went in at 2:30 p.m., and they let us, even if the appointment was for an hour after.

What can I say, the whole process was a breeze (well, for Alo; not so much for Yaya Nida).  They verified our Appointment Forms by the entrance (1st set), checked our requirements i.e. identification cards, when applicable, and supporting documents (in our case, they asked got his birth certificate, and asked to see my passport and marriage certificate) (2nd set), then we lined up for his picture, and to check the data encoded for the passport (3rd step) and finally, I paid for the courier delivery.  It took me less than an hour - about 40 to 45 minutes.  I was amazed by how organized it was.

Note though, if you have a stroller and you're going by yourself, there's a flight of steps going from the mall exit up to the DFA office by Building C in Megamall.  Thank goodness I was with Nida.  We were allowed to bring the stroller inside.

Oh, and Alo fell asleep by the time we were waiting to get his picture taken.  We had to wake him up (he refused to wake up at first), and he cried because we disturbed his nap.  He thus looks extremely grouchy in his passport picture.

Yaya Nida lacked a government ID.  They required either a SSS card or Voter's ID.  We just had a Philhealth card.  Oh well.  She's going back on her own.

Pao, Laz and our driver Jeff waited for us in the mall.  We met up with them in a Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante afterwards, in the basement level of Building B.  Pizza first then we headed straight home.  Brief as the whole DFA process was, I was surprised to find myself exhausted when we got home.  (I also didn't bother taking pictures inside DFA, unlike with Laz before, because I had my hands full with Alo, his documents, and helping Nida with her documents).

I am so relieved that Alo will finally get a passport (Laz got a passport only last year; I just realized I never got to blog about it - we went to DFA main pa at the time!).  Next time, for renewal, at least the 4 of us can all go together.

By the way, we paid Php 1,200 for Alo's passport (new application), plus Php 120 for the delivery fee, if it helps.

Monday, July 21, 2014


This is the little boy who lost his front tooth yesterday:


To follow: picture of the tooth and the tooth fairy's visit!