Saturday, September 22, 2012


22 September 2012

Easy roller stamps

The other day I picked up the above roller stamp set from National Book Store during my lunch break (less than  Php 100, I can't remember exactly - basta very cheap).   We laid out huge sheets of art paper on our dining table, and let Laz go crazy.

I used to be daunted about undertaking these "art projects" with Laz.  While I was pregnant with him, I'd read all these activity books and always felt that I wasn't up to the task.  The materials alone - parang my gash, ang effort.  Happily, there are apparently so many easy projects you can do with your kid from the sets you can buy in bookstores.  Crafty moms may say these pre-packaged art projects means you're not doing everything from scratch, exactly, but they are a god-send if you work long hours as I do!   At least now I know I can just run to the bookstore (across the street from my office, yay) during my lunch breaks so I can pick up a little something for Laz and I to do together over the weekend.  Disney's Art Attack line is especially great!

Laz liked the transportation stamp best

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  1. I just saw that in National today..during lunch time! I was thinking if I should get Miya one hahaha kaso naisip ko baka sa walls namin nya i-stamp!