Thursday, January 24, 2013


Meanwhile, as Pao and I were taking care of stuff in DFA, our son Laz was enjoying his 2nd ever field trip!

He almost didn't go!  Laz's school's 2nd learning trip was scheduled on 25 January in the academic calendar they gave us.  I am positive about this because I synchronized Laz's academic calendar with my own calendar at home and at work.   Then, last minute (like this Monday), the school sends him home with a letter informing us that apparently his school field trip was on 24 January.   Uncool.  Not only were we not able to schedule leaves from work for the 24th, but we also made an appointment to go to DFA on the 24th and had to be in Manila super early, and thus, we didn't have a way to bring Laz to and fro the field trip!   The letter from school instructed us to drop off the kids at the Pasig Rainforest.   Gosh!  

Well, we informed Laz early on that he couldn't go.  (Admittedly, I was a bit irked about the school's planning committee for this trip.  Very inconsiderate - especially for working parents who can't just rearrange their schedules last minute!!!).   I guess Laz whined about this in school the next day because his head mistress offered to drop him off at home and - even better - our co-parent (the father of his friend Maia, remember her from the birthday party), offered to bring Laz home.   Hurray, thank goodness for people like Marvin and Mary!  

Apparently, a whole bunch of other kids were riding with Maia's family - they scheduled a meet up point near school, and we all deposited our kids there.   Laz, with 3 little girls (Maia, Patrice and Anya), went to Pasig Rainforest.  Unlike the first field trip, we obviously weren't able to accompany Laz (much to my disappointment!  Frustrated!!!), but Yaya Nida came and is more than capable.  (Also, she even has a better point and shoot camera than I do - teeHEE!).

Here is the excited little boy, in the car, on his way to the meeting place with Maia's family.

Apparently, that place has a mini zoo and a playground.  I have never heard of it before!  But judging from Yaya Nida's pictures, and the ones subsequently posted by the school, the place seems really nice.   We intend to go back (it's not too far from our house).

Laz with classmate Gabe

Playground time!

Field trip was very short.  They assembled at the entrance at 8am, and were out by 10:30am.   
Laz had a great time and babbled about everything he saw when we rang to check in on him around lunch time.

*First and last two pictures grabbed from Smallville's FB page!

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