Monday, January 21, 2013


Dinner with the boys and their spouses!

That dinner party really worked out well, I must say.   Jabo and Luzan were in town, and Jabo made plans to meet the boys for dinner.  As it turned out, everyone was available.   Vlade suggested Premio.  As it turned out, the place serves really great food.   And, since it was dinner, everyone except Teng actually came on time!   

The couples who came: 
 Funch and Tina; Jabo and Luzan
Honey and Vlade; and Lucky hahaha waiting for Teng

The food we ate:
Pao's corned beef brisket; smoked chicharon
My cheese plate (teeniest cheese platter ever); and my grilled salmon (instayum)

The signature dessert:
Tina and Honey ordered for us their goat's milk panna cotta

The kakaloka coffee:
 Jabo's take home!

The goodies for Laz:
 Thank you, Ninong Jabo and Tita Luzan!

The fake shot:
No one got drunk.  And we were definitely not that rowdy - heller, we all bounced before 11pm!
Pao was supposed to post this at 1am for Z's benefit - major fail!

But, as Teng said, we were so happy to see everybody!
We must do more of these "sedate" dinners!  
(Even better if we do the sedate thing in another country!  Lucky, plan it already!!!)

P.S.  As to the food:  the boys report the crispy tadjang is awesome (no picture, sorry).   Though their specialty is kare-kare - non-traditional, according to Honey.   My salmon was great, and Luzan's salmon salad was good too.   Pao wasn't too happy about his brisket, fyi.   The goat's milk panna cotta and the smoked chicharon were great!  The panna cotta in particular was truly yummy - came in generous servings too.   

Premio, F1 Hotel, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City


  1. so happy that you are blogging again!
    happy new year!

  2. Hi Maqui! Happy New Year! Since seeing your comment, I just revisited your "OC" posts! I'm assembling a for-granny-days diaper bag again hahaha