Friday, January 11, 2013


My Shelfari widget is back.   It's because I'm feeling a bit alarmed about my reading habits - it has been steadily declining since 2007!   I kind of miss my book reviews.   I miss stocking up on books - hard covers, not e-versions!

Check out this downward trend:

No. of Books Read

My gosh.  10 books for last year.  All time low.  My worst record ever - since I was a child, I'm sure!  It was also a bit harder keeping track of the e-books I have read.   My bestfriend Marla gave me a Kindle, and it was only in November 2012 when I finally opened it and figured it out and actually started using it.   I got hooked initially and devoured 3 books in 2 days.   But then December happened.   Excuses excuses.

While I love my hard covers, I have to say an e-reader is the most convenient thing.  Especially if you're reading lying down in bed, which is what I usually do.  And my Kindle seems to live on, relentlessly, for days on end without charging.  The battery life is amazing.

I only had a problem keeping track of my e-book readings.   I tweeted my ratings to keep some sort of record for myself, and just now I checked my e-book collection with corresponding ratings through my Amazon account so I could count what I've actually read.   I just now linked my Amazon account to my Shelfari account and hopefully that will help me keep track of my readings.   I like having this online record because it reminds me that I need to read.

E-Books I read for 2012:
  1. Clover by Susan Coolidge (November 2012)
  2. That Affair Next Door by Anna Katherine Green (November 2012)
  3. A Strange Disappearance by Anna Katherine Green (November 2012)
  4. The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne (November 2012)
  5. Black Coffee by Agatha Christie (December 2012)
And so:
2013 Resolution #2 -  READ MORE  

(To be specific, read 20 books, per my Shelfari goal).

P.S.  Pao also read 5 books last year.  Hard covers.  The fact that we ended 2012 having read the same number of books does not bode well!!!!


  1. E-books are the bomb! hahaha! Finally found the time to read books again, I've downloaded a few on my Iphone. I'm now reading Steve Jobs' biography. :)