Saturday, January 05, 2013


The Tatlong Alas are together again!  (That's what my mother calls my brother, sister, and I).

With Mary and Pao of course - and the irrepressible Laz.  We took my siblings to Greenbelt today.   Mary has never been to the Ayala Museum.   (We forgot to take pictures outside - no cameras allowed inside, obviously).   But first we had Mary try Mamu's our Mamu and Laz's favorite easy Italian restaurant, hehe.   

Pao and Mary!
(The in laws beat us in Taboo, 2 games in a row, the other night.  Arrrrrgh).

Took a break from my usual penne al telefono.
Since Laz loves it, I have been eating it non-stop as well.
I may be getting a wee bit tired of it too.

But today, the boy made us drive through for his regular yum in Jollibug, so we skipped the telefono.
I have to report: it was Laz's first time in the Ayala Museum too.
I think he enjoyed the gold exhibit there as much (if not even more) than the dioramas!

P.S.  Excuse the picture quality.   Since Pao got me an iPad Mini for our anniversary last month, I have been leaving our SLR at home! 

Cibo, Greenbelt 5, Makati

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