Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I don't know if you guys have noticed, but my posts since January started are a little more text-heavy.   I also visited my Nuffnang account - I haven't, for months!   Amazing how hits have dropped, and I only have the lack of regular updates to blame.   Now, I expect page clicks and unique visits and etc. to drop even more, because I am going to try to work on my text content - I am aware that most people prefer to scroll down blogs which are picture heavy - I'm guilty of that too!  

But I have to admit my picture-heavy posts were precisely one of the reasons for my blog burn out last year. It takes forever to get your pictures together - selecting, watermarking, editing, collaging.  Bleeeeeh.   Ang tagaaaal.   It was one of the reasons why maintaining this site felt like a chore, I think!  And it was a cop out too: I didn't have to write, just think of captions!

Well, this year, I'll try to write more - but only when applicable, of course!  Some stories are still best shared via pictures (and hindi ako mahilig at mapilit magpaka-profound noh!).      

2013 Resolution #3 - WRITE MORE

I also do not intend to get all technical, or high falutin', or proper even.   I shall write - and yak - and ramble - in 2 languages - in any dialect, churva and kanto included - just to get back into the habit of putting into words the stuff that we think, feel, and experience as a family.


  1. Yay I like this resolution. But I also really love your picture heavy posts hehehe

  2. Btw, what's the benefit of doing Nuffnang? Should I give that a try?