Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another ramen house in Manila

26 February 2013

Remember my Japan Calling phase? Well, the burning desire to go to Japan has fizzled considerably in the past years (largely due to the coming of The Laz). I mean, I still want to go to Japan, definitely, but I'm not dying to anymore. I have, however, carried on my interest in noodles - ramen to be exact. (That movie Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy had something to do with that too!). I just find ramen very hearty, comforting - and filling! Hee.

Anyhoo, I'd never pass up the chance to try a new ramen restaurant, so while in Trinoma yesterday we spotted Ramen X and gave it a shot. Hard to miss it - there's a huge X at the front door. It's right beside Recipes in that deck area with restaurants.

Servings are big - the SX1 bowls go for Php 149 and the SX2 bowls for Php 189. SX1 is spicy, SX2 is regular, though you can order chili sauce and other toppings on the side. They have milk tea too that go for Php 60. Some rice bowls, some appetizers like gyoza and tempura. No sushi. All the non-soupy food didn't look too exciting so we settled for our ramen. It was good but nothing mind-blowing. Loved my milk tea though, hehe, and the interiors are fun. Affordable, obviously, so for the price I'd say we got fair value for our money.

P.S. There have been rumors about my firm possibly going to Japan this year. Oh hey!

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