Saturday, October 13, 2012


13 October 2012

Materials for today's project with Bespren Laz!

We're decorating a plate - supposedly to give Oma for Christmas but Laz got excited and rushed pver next door with the finished product!  I only had to buy the art paper and glue (again, during lunch break - I cannot extol enough the perks of working across a mall!).  The appliques and glitter and beads are stuff I picked up un Carolina's in Megamall eons ago, even before I got married!  I just cut the strips of paper for Laz and let him go crazy with the glue and with laying out everything.  He did a great job, teehee.

This is now sitting proudly in Lola's house!
(Oy Tons!  Isabit mo na yan sa wall mo ha!!!)

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