Sunday, February 24, 2013

Laz likes Roti!

24 February 2013 8:07 pm

My folks and Amanda joined us in the 2013 Happy Walk. Was surprised actually, because I just told them we'd be going, and that we'd meet them for our usual Sunday lunch after, but all three immediately decided to walk with Team Noah. Caught my dad dabbing at his eyes with a hankie several times in the Skydome, and Amanda and I weren't any better. As Popsy said when he was observing the participants, organizers and families: "There's a lot of love here."

Since we were in The Block already we just ended up having lunch in Banana Leaf. Tons is usually allergic to SM malls - she says she finds the crush of people annoying and exhausting. (Tons = arte! Hehe). Anyhoo, I bought Laz yoghurt and ensaymada to eat in the restaurant but was surprised when he started tearing apart the roti and gobbling it down. He calls it pizza. I vaguely recall, when he was around 2, we ate in Banana Leaf in Plant and he ate roti then too. Was pleased to discover that he still likes it. At least it adds a little variety to his usual fare!

Had really good Thai chicken curry. The mix of Asian food we had made me miss travelling - and now Pao and I are getting more excited for our trip (he bought us a new suitcase too). It'll be Laz's first trip out of the country - walang regular yum with cheese do'n, boy! So I'm taking this roti thing as a good sign - and shall hope for the best.

Kiddos at the Happy Walk!

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