Friday, February 01, 2013


There are 3 things I dearly love browsing online: (1) what's inside other people's bags, (2) other people's skincare routines and (3) organization and storage tips and pics.  TeeHEE.  I can spend a whole afternoon going from one site to another, just reading about those topics.   Does that sound creepy?  I must get a voyeuristic thrill from this - and I have to say I really enjoy seeing how people organize their bags and the moisturizers/eye creams they use, hahaha.  Natutuwa talaga ako when I see the pouches and things people use to keep their stuff neat!  FUHREEEEAK.    Plus, I love the cluttered but still artsy pictures these people usually take of all the products they bring/use. I also like seeing how people pack their make up kits, their diaper bags, their carry on bags, before and after shots!

Via Oh Joy!

This post came about because I read Oh Joy's post where she shared the contents of her day bag, her diaper bag and evening out bag!    Joy's full entry was so fun to read.   These pictures are stuff I bookmarked before, so I figured I'd consolidate my favorite "what's in your bag" posts (for my easy reference - because I loooove revisiting these entries and pictures!!!).  

 Via Le Fashion

And of course, Pinoy bloggers represent:

This is hands down my current favorite, of the local bloggers.   I only just recently discovered and started following this girl After Musing, and I love her, whoever she is.   (Just to share: another recent discovery and new favorite local blogger is Hello Beauty.  Except she hasn't posted anything in a while.  I absolutely love her "My Asian Skincare Routine" post).  For that matter, I really enjoyed After Musing's "Travel Series: Skincare" post too and keep going back to it!  I like these 2 bloggers' minimalist pictures!

I am such a big big fan of Maqui's OC-ness.   Her 3 bags post is another entry that I keep revisiting!  I also really enjoy her "OC" "Decluttering" and "Before and After Projects" categories.   I love how she's always coming up with different activities and recipes for her kid Aki.

(I also liked Our Awesome Planet's ultimate roadwarrior bag entry).

Other sites with similar categories that I visit regularly:

Plus, because I tend to be a worrywart now because of Ondoy habagat tsunami threats and Walking Dead, I also want to bookmark these useful posts on preparing an emergency kit by the following two (2) local bloggers:


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