Saturday, March 09, 2013

DIY Chinatown Tour

09 March 2013

A Saturday morning in Binondo

My mother apparently brings her 3rd-year Philosophy classes to Chinatown for "D.I.Y." walking and eating tours. They check out the sights in Binondo, and sample the rich cuisine there. Very informal, just to get the students out of the classrooms, according to Tons. When we found out about this year's tour, we decided to tag along - that'd be me, Pao, Laz, my sister Amanda, our balikbayan grand aunt Tiya Ellen, and my good friend Gem (who conveniently lives nearby). We also had two visiting professors joining our group. A motley crew, but all up for a little Saturday adventure.

EAT: Eng Bee Tin. Tasty Dumplings. Salazar. President Tea House.

SEE: Binondo Church. Ongpin Street. Volunteer firefighting brigade! We also saw a guy making dumplings. And the explosion of food carts, selling fruits and veggies, is always fun. Plus all the stores selling anything and everything.

I've always liked Chinatown. We didn't have time to look for the place that sells kung fu shoes and Gem and Pao didn't get to try streetfood siomai and fried siopao - but that gives us reasons to go back!

We also drove around Intramuros so Tiya Ellen could see it again - it's been around ten years for her. The Manila Cathedral was shut for renovations. I noted galleries, souvenir stores, gift shops - and Barbara's! Kalesa rides in Intramuros itself and in Fort Santiago. Memo to me (and you, dear reader. Hee). Definitely, another place I want to go back to.

And that was our Saturday sans malling. (Rare. Bow. Haha).

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