Saturday, June 29, 2013

GSE goes to Ark Avilon!

29 June 2013

First outreach for this year for GSE!

Our firm goes to the zoo!
I've always loved the fact that my firm, GSE, takes these outreach events seriously.  There are companies that claim to care, but in our case, we really mean it - aside from pro bonos and giving free legal education and outreach programs, we have real ongoing working relationships with non-profits and foundations.  I've always really liked that about GSE.   (My first outreach with the firm here!).

The first outreach for this year was a bit unusual though - no legal education, as with the others previously, but a day in Ark Avilon with the children from the Headstart program.   Headstart partners with Waterhope Foundation, which our firm works with.   It was great - good job, RVR and CSD and the rest of the Outreach Committee!  The kids got to see the animals, lunch was served, and there was a short program with games and prizes.

We were allowed to bring our broods too.  So here's Laz enjoying the petting zoo.
We've taken Laz to Avilon Zoo in Montalban (once when he was still in my tummy, and another time, for his 3rd birthday), and I have to say, impressive as the zoo proper may be, Ark Avilon is actually better for little kids.   (I compared the zoo proper vs. the ark here!).

He fed those guinea pigs 3 times.
May nalalaman pang pagtalikod.
Feeding feeding pag may time!

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