Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I may have created a (Cibo) Monster

My son was fiddling through my iPad photos and discovered these pictures:

Pao waited for me during my hearing in QC, and we had a quick lunch in Cibo on our way back to Ortigas.
Laz flipped out when he saw this picture.

My god, I was shocked by his reaction.  My son went absolutely livid.  He sputtered, "Did. You. EAT. IN. CIBOOOOOOOH???" With matching rising decibels per word ha.  I have conditioned my son to like Cibo so much that now I apparently can't eat there without him.  He was so upset he jumped from the bed (where we were both lying down later that evening), rushed to the sofa bed, and buried himself under the blankets.  He refused to come out.  He was shaking with rage, I tell ya.  I coaxed him out and tried to explain that Dada and I needed to go on our little dates once in a while, just the two of us, but Laz wouldn't hear of it.  I called Pao and asked him to talk to Laz, but Laz was adamant: 1) no more eating in Cibo without him; and 2) no more dates.  Period.

The king has spoken.

P.S.  Thank you, Dada!  I enjoyed the impromptu lunch date!  Hala, mukhang naglilihi na ako sa telefono.  Does this mean Twooey will like Cibo too?  Poor Dada!!!

Cibo, Gateway Mall, Cubao


  1. What did you end up doing? Are you going to listen to him about Cibo!?!

  2. This entry is too cute anna! Now who's the boss?

  3. Siya na nga! Khaye! balitaan mo ko if u hear of any inhouse openings ha! (Na NOT Makati, hehe, layo eh!)