Sunday, July 07, 2013


07 July 2013 

I really must apologize for the picture quality here in the blog lately.  I've quit lugging around the SLR - I haven't touched an actual camera in over a year, I think!  All my shots are taken either via iPad Mini  (lousiest quality) or Pao's iPhone 5 (better quality).  I'm this close to converting to an iPhone myself, the lousy old dinosaur Blackberry user that I am, just waiting for the new model.   So please excuse the crappy pictures for now, but taking the pictures via iPad, making collages there - not to mention uploading and actually blogging there, is just much more convenient at the moment.


My mother came home from a 2-week trip in Japan and so we all happily reunited for lamon time in Eastwood.

Iron Man is Laz's favorite superhero right now.
We brought Laz to Gymboree after lunch with the parentals and Amanda.  We used to bring Laz to Gymboree a lot when he was much younger; now he only gets to go when we're in the mall.  You'd think he'd find it babyish but he looks forward to it every time, and keeps whining about going to Gymboree.  (Unfortunately, they pulled out the Gymborees in Shang and Power Plant, di ba?  Boo!).   Saan pa ba may Gymboree? (Oh, sharing my mommy finds in Gymboree here).

Zao again!  We love Zao.  Plus Golden Spoon for dessert, then afterwards, when we split up with the parentals, more dessert and tea over at Cafe Mary Grace.

Thank you for lunch and the fro-yo, folks!!!  Made a quick stop in Fully Booked and now off to Yago's baptism!  Happy Sunday!

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