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15 September 2013

Possibly the tiniest tooth I have ever seen.
This is Laz's first fallen tooth, ladies and germs!
Major milestone for our little family today.   Laz had his first fallen milk tooth.   He has been sick all week, and has been bedridden the past few days.  He has been on antibiotics and the nebulizer.  He had fever for 2 days, and has slept and hardly eaten.   We have been to the doctor and I have been on by side 24/7, with his dad constantly there as well when Pao isn't at work.  Both sets of grandparents have been at his bedside as well.  Our hyper little boy has been listless, quiet, and, well, clearly sick.   In other words, there was a lot going on with Laz recently.  (By the way, it wasn't dengue, rest assured, but an upper respiratory tract infection!).

A fallen tooth was not something we were expecting to happen, on top of everything else! 

This morning, after 2 days of fever and coughing, Laz woke up feeling a bit better.  He was lying in bed between me and his dad, still not his usual energetic self, when he suddenly yelped, "Mamu!  Tanggal tooth ko!"  Pao and I jumped to attention.  Laz was holding his tooth, his gums were a bit bloody, and he had a panicky look on his face.  We could tell he didn't know if he should cry or get excited.  So his dad immediately started whooping.   "Woohooo!  It's your first tooth Laz!  The tooth fairy is coming!"

Well, seeing our excitement, the boy brightened up and got all excited right away.  He said he had been wiggling his tooth, which had already been loose, and it came right off.  He reported that it didn't hurt.

Excuse the messy bed.   That's still our sick bed.
Here he is right before he gargled.  There wasn't a lot of blood actually.
Probably because the tooth was so small.  Cute, heehee.
Hello, Bungi!!!!
(There's a lot of space.   Laz has a lot of gaps in his lower set of teeth, unlike his upper teeth.  
So the bungi looks almost twice the size of the actual tooth that fell off.  Heehee).
Look at that itty bitty thing.
We gave him a little tin box to store his tooth in.
He loved it!
Here's Laz taking a photo of his tooth.
(This shot from his Dada's iPhone).

Of course the great excitement about teeth falling is the Tooth Fairy.   Laz knew about her because we've mentioned the tooth fairy before (and from school), but we explained to him again what she was all about. With a different twist of course - we told him that the tooth fairy sometimes returns the tooth, especially if it's the first tooth, for the kid to keep as a souvenir.  But she goes around anyway to check if the tooth is right there under the pillow, and so she can keep count.   Laz was glad to hear this - he wanted to keep the tooth, and must have checked and peeked inside his little tin box about a dozen times for the rest of that day.

He called his Lolo Jolan, and his Luli to report about his tooth.  He rushed out to show his tooth to his Yaya Nida, Lyn, Porting and Marivic, all the help at home and next door.   Everyone, of course, shared his excitement.

And of course, Laz put his tooth under his pillow when we went to sleep that night.

The next morning, Laz woke up to find these from the Tooth Fairy.

Sigh.  And it seemed like only yesterday when our little boy was teething (here, here, here, and here).

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