Sunday, September 22, 2013


22 September 2013     

It was a rainy Sunday.
We stayed clear from the bad weather and basically holed up in Podium to stay dry.
I guess it's plain - my family likes to eat out.  Whether it's just Team Patajo or with my folks, that's our joy in life.
My parents are not extravagant people.  I think they like to spend on 3 things basically: vacations, dining out, and gadgets.
We, their children, are the fortunate beneficiaries.  (Thank you, Parents!).
Sunday lunch was in Yaku today.
(Dropped by Living Well also, and finally got those cutesy smallwares I wanted).
My usual Laz eats shots.
The only thing I don't like about Yaku in Podium is that it's right beside the toy store.
No escape!
We have to accompany Laz while he checks out everything (before our order arrived, of course).
At least the boy is more grown up now - he knows not to expect a new toy just because we step inside a toy store.
Mother in Craft Coffee Revolution after lunch.
I like her outfit here, and I am coveting those loafers, hehe.
Laz, who only ate his baon sandwich and nibbled on some tempura skin in Yaku, asked for his beloved Mary Grace cheese roll which he happily devoured in Craft.
I had tea and this really yummy waffle.
I highly recommend Craft.  Their desserts are yummy and according to the coffee-drinking folk in my family, the kape is good!
Laz took a liking to my waffle and ordered his own.
My mother ordered that Australian flat white coffee drink.
Pao slept after eating a cheese cake.
Poor Dada has had a really busy 2 weeks at work lately.
He's been attending back to back meetings every day, not to mention getting up at the crack of dawn for provincial hearings for one week straight.

At hindi pa kami nabusog!
When we got home, we had pan de sal, cheese, and hot chocolate at my parents' house.

Cozy Sunday.
I hope everyone else is staying safe and dry!

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