Friday, December 13, 2013


The funny thing about this year's Christmas spectacle was that Laz never mentioned he'd be playing Joseph. His Teacher Camille only mentioned it when I was texting her about his costume.  Our little silly never even bothered to tell us (apparently, it was supposed to be a surprise).  So his Dada and I were really looking forward to Laz's pre-school's Christmas program.

There's our Joseph, in the purple sash, with classmate Anya playing Mary!

What was even funnier, actually, was that it wasn't a skit or a speaking role as we expected, hahaha.  In the middle of one of the dance numbers, Mary, Joseph, and the 3 Kings marched out and stood in front, all cutesy in their little nativity scene.  They just stood there, posing, while the audience cheered.  We were tickled pink.

We liked this year's Christmas program over last year's.  It was shorter, for one, since they divided the kids in the school into time slots.  It started on time (unlike last year), and went on for a little over an hour.  Laz, unlike last year when he was basically just jumping up and down with much enthusiasm, knew the steps and participated vigorously, hahaha.  (Last year's costume was a red shirt and white pants, plus a santa hat.  This year, it was white top and pants, a sash, and a santa hat.  Bongols pregnant Mamu forgot the santa hat at home - eeek!  Good thing Teacher Camille had extras.  And instead of pants, which we knew Laz would never wear again, we just opted for puruntongs, hehehe, so Laz can use them for the beach).

Top row L-R: stage is set; Laz partnered with Patrice again
Bottom row: back row kids; family picture after the program

We took Laz (and Yaya Nida, of course, we wouldn't let her miss this for the world; she is so incredibly involved and engrossed with all of Laz's school activities) for a quick bite over at L.A. Diner in Lilac - it's our favorite place for quick and easy meals, and it's ten minutes away from our place, and a skip hop away from Laz's school.  Laz had penne pasta.  Bravo, Joseph!

The kid had a blast.  We did too.  And now, his Christmas vacation begins!

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